Commission - Volgo von Menscherfiend Reference

toasterpip character reference sheet furcadia furry squirrel minotaur construct hybrid greatsword baron volgo_von_menscherfiend

A reference sheet done for my buddy Ramiel, of one of his other big (literally) characters, Volgo! Had fun with the symbols on his body.

Refsheet - Ochre Sienna 2022

toasterpip character furcadia splatoon inkling cephalopod humanoid woman reference_sheet refsheet ochre

One of my many, many characters. This one came out fantastic, even if I am questioning the sanity of spending an hour on the phone screen stuff alone.

Gift Art - Knave of Hearts

toasterpip gift art furry fox smolninalia superhero magical_girl hearts heart_theme card playing_card

Development on a "superhero" design for my friend Lia. Her character is very cute.

Commission - Farren Pounce

toasterpip commission farren_dustfur calvin_and_hobbes panel_redraw pounce cat robot furry

A commission for Farren Dustfur, of his fursona "greeting" my persona character at the door.

Wyllo Taleweaver Reference 2022

toasterpip character furcadia laratia wyllo taleweaver canine canid furry genderfluid mage reference_sheet

A reference sheet for Wyllo's current stylings. They discovered while playing with their transformation magic that they had times they were more happy in feminine form and some when they were happier as masculine, recognizing they were gender-fluid.

Commission - Síle Winter Dress

toasterpip commission illustration fox anthro winter dress romanian style winter_scene

The patterns on this one were tricky, but worth the work.

Commission - Dothrhux the Druid

toasterpip commission illustration spider jumping_spider druid D&D DnD

A commission for my buddy Archana of a druid character who is basically a human-sized intelligent jumping spider. Also a druid.

Commission - Xoraena Holiday 2021

toasterpip commission illustration vixen white fox anthro holiday dress fur_trim

A holiday commission for one of my Furcadia friends of her character Xoraena in an Xmas dress.

Commission - Harbard One-Eye Fishing

toasterpip commission illustration leonin druid lion anthro fishing pier lake frog

For my buddy Blimpop, his Leonin druid Harbard One-Eye doing some fishing.

I like the frog.


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