Inktober 2017

Inktober is a drawing challenge emphasizing consistent work for an entire month.

The list of themes is drawn from this tumblr post.

inktober inktober2017 theme_list space_travellers


inktober inktober2017 day1 the_dreamer

For Day 01, "The Dreamer", I chose to go with the idea of a character on a long-haul spaceship, perhaps a colony ship, looking out to dream of what might be ahead for them and humanity.

inktober inktober2017 day02 the_alien_empress

For day 2, "The Alien Empress", I decided to keep her outfit simple and try to give her a somewhat 'severe' look.


inktober inktober2017 day03 the_engineer_girl

Day 03, The Engineer Girl! I went with my character Eola for this, as she's in some ways a stereotypical "wrench wench" so she fit the bill perfectly. Plus, I enjoy drawing her tattoos.


inktober inktober2017 day04 the_rovers

Day 04, the Rovers. I really need to practice drawing vehicles...


inktober inktober2017 day05 the_old_scientist

Day 05, the Old Scientist. Turned out pretty well, I think.


inktober inktober2017 day06 the_bounty_hunters starfinder kasatha human sci-fi

Day 06, the Bounty Hunters! I was feeling like drawing something Starfinder, so we have now a Kasatha Technomancer and her Soldier buddy (probably Human). Together they bounty hunt. With space magic!


inktober inktober2017 day07 the_sentient_being amy terra001

For Day 07, the Sentient Being, I chose to go with my character Amy. Being an artificial intelligence, it's important to her identity that she's sentient. The eyes are meant to represent that Amy is not technically just one being, but hundreds of individual parts that work together to strengthen the whole.


inktober inktober2017 day08 the_space_priest starfinder

Day 08, The Space Priest. I decided to go with a robot priest of Triune, the Starfinder god of artificial intelligence and machines. First time trying to go for an oxidized copper look, and the first time doing rust. Not entirely happy with the result, but it looks okay enough.


inktober inktober2017 day09 the_sisters

Day 09, The Sisters. A couple of ladies in the Terran Confederation - one in the Diplomatic Corps, one in the Logistics Corps.


inktober inktober2017 day10 the_alien_cat

Day 10, The Alien Cat. I'm sure this critter's name translates to "Fluffy" on its home planet.


inktober inktober2017 day11 the_god-man

Day 11, The God-Man. I'd think if there were gods in the cosmos, they'd probably want to observe the world as unobtrusively as possible. This one has taken the form of a man who pretty much nobody would give a second glance.


inktober inktober2017 day12 the_clones

Day 12, The Clones. I whipped up a quick 3D model for the tubes to use as reference, glad I did. I would never have managed the perspective otherwise.


inktober inktober2017 day13 the_space_wolf

Day 13, The Space Wolf. Figured I'd go with something anthro instead of drawing another straight up alien critter.


inktober inktober2017 day14 the_mercenary

Day 14, The Mercenary. Just trying to catch up, so this is a bit rushed.


inktober inktober2017 day15 The_Lost_Boy_and_Dog

Day 15, The Lost Boy and Dog. Experimenting with simple depth of field on this one.


inktober inktober2017 day16 the_teenage_racers

Day 16, The Teenage Racers. I had basically no idea for this one, so I went with a hovercar I guess?


inktober inktober2017 day17 the_old_planet

For this one, I figured that a group of people exploring the ruins of an old civilization seemed appropriate.


inktober inktober2017 day18 the_space_beast

"As we approached and scanned the creature, it began 'singing' back to us in radio frequencies, its long copper antennae waving slowly as it adjusted to 'see' us better. The boys in the science department have taken to calling it a Sunrider due to its natural solar sails."


inktober inktober2017 day19 the_imperial_assassin lost_light

As the searing pain of the energy blade pressed through the back of his ribcage and out the front, the administrator gasped, then gagged and coughed as his lung filled with acrid smoke. From behind him, a feminine voice whispered. "Your defiance of the Order has been noticed. Consider this your reprimand." The administrator choked on a reply as his eyes rolled back and he slumped. The assassin dismissed the blade, unceremoniously dropping the dissenter on his office floor. And as quietly as she'd entered, she slipped out.


inktober inktober2017 day20 the_invaders

"Anlepp 'strategy', if they even think that far ahead, appears to be overwhelming force. When they boarded the Hector, they didn't bother clearing deck by deck. They didn't need to when they clogged the corridors with their numbers alone." - Captain Maurice deBoncoeur, of the SS Hephaestus (formerly the Hector).


inktober inktober2017 day21 the_dark_figure

For The Dark Figure, I went with Chaos, one of the three Universals that tie some of my continuities together. He's not inherently malicious, but he's hardly friendly.


inktober inktober2017 day22 the_intergalactic_family

Not just Intergalactic, but Interuniversal! Amy 104 with her husband Hibiki and their kids Vanguard and Lena.


inktober inktober2017 day23 the_space_police TCS

"Officer D'Sarken may not be the brightest member of the force, but nobody here would question her strength or dedication. I don't think she's taken a single sick day that she wasn't ordered to, and the one time I remember her ever being late was because she got shot while trying to stop a robbery." - Officer Vieren on her Ch'Sseth exchange program partner.


inktober inktober2017 day24 the_prisoner ayshiel_d'eesheah lost_light juarhen homestuck mage hope

For The Prisoner, I went a little more abstract on the concept. Ayshiel is no longer able to return to the Juarhen Empire, and has to learn to adapt to the new world in which he hides from them.


inktober inktober2017 day25 the_grandfather TCS ss_venture

Lieutenant Jeremiah Willow, grandfather of Captain Carla Willow. This guy served aboard the SS Venture during the first contact with the Rossass. He's the only member of Carla's family that she's met and doesn't have a problem with.


inktober inktober2017 day26 the_child TCS carla isaac willow

And for The Child, we have Captain Carla Willow playing with her son, Isaac Nicolas Willow. The pointy ears come from his dad, Jimmy. Isaac is close to three years old (as of Oct 26 2017 - he ages in real-time and was 'born' on Dec 25 2014).


inktober inktober2017 day27 the_shapeshifter

For the Shapeshifter, I wanted to try something with a bit of negative space type imagery. This is a Genetic Archivist, synthetic creatures made by the Amy Complex to seek out new life forms and assemble a genetic catalogue of an ecosystem. They are able to use DNA they collect to morph their bodies, essentially a form of camouflage.


inktober inktober2017 day28 the_planet_eater

For 28: The Planet Eater, I went with a black hole. Because it's one of the most realistic 'planet eating monsters' you can imagine.


inktober inktober2017 day29 the_cruise_ship

For the Cruise Ship, I decided to do some more play with negative space.


inktober inktober2017 day30 the_AI_ships

Bit of a cop-out here, using the 3D models, but I don't think I could draw them with any measure of accuracy. So here's Sentinel and 3 of its wing of Qatar strike craft. Sentinel is an observer, sent by the Amy Complex to keep an eye on Earth after it basically 'banished' her. The main ship houses Sentinel's primary core and as much self-sustaining machinery as possible to extend its operational time. The Qatars are remotely controlled by Sentinel and are stored in an aft hangar. They're used for defense, reconnaissance, and occasionally material gathering missions. Their Variable Equipment Mounts allow Sentinel to quickly repurpose a Qatar for its current mission.


inktober inktober2017 day31 the_benevolent_aliens

"When the Vidari made contact, many were nervous. Fortunately, the Vidari themselves were not hostile. But they brought warnings about another race that posed a risk to us all..."