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Refsheet - Ochre Sienna 2022

toasterpip character furcadia splatoon inkling cephalopod humanoid woman reference_sheet refsheet ochre

One of my many, many characters. This one came out fantastic, even if I am questioning the sanity of spending an hour on the phone screen stuff alone.

No Man's Sky - Pioneer Exandy

toasterpip no man's sky no_mans_sky anomaly blue outfit multitool

My character from the second Expedition of No Man's Sky. She's an Anomaly with a love of all things cybernetic. She took her name from the first thing a Korvax called her (which was "strange").

Starbound: Ethyl Proxima

toasterpip starbound novakid cowgirl pink cute curly_hair

One of my Starbound characters, Ethyl Proxima. She's a sweetie, but her poor memory means that anything further back than 6 months isn't retained. She remembers HOW to do things, but she doesn't remember WHY she can, or any of the events that have happened to her.

Farouche the ShyGal

furcadia character_portrait farouche shygal

Farouche is a fan character for the Mario universe. She's a ShyGal, a variation of Shy Guys (and was originally inspired by the Minus8 designs). She owns a bakery and excels at cooking confectionary treats like Yoshi Cookies and a wide variety of candies.

Splatoon: Ochre Sienna

splatoon fanart ochre_sienna

Fan character for the Splatoon universe.

Hyper Light Drifter

hyper_light_drifter heart_machine fanart drifter

This is the Drifter from the Heart Machine game Hyper Light Drifter.

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