Character Design

Furcadia - Amelie Photo Reference Memes

A selection of images of Amelie Laveur, inspired by reference images of real raccoons.

A drawing of Amelie Laveur, inspired by a photo of a real life raccoon. As in the photo, Amelie is leaning forward with hands outstretched, fingers splayed. Between her hands on the table before her is a flask with a bubbling pink liquid inside. She is looking at the flask with curious delight.

D&D - Strixhaven Dee

toasterpip A full body portrait of Dee, a young snowshoe hare woman. She's depicted midway through a leap, or a skip, smiling towards the viewer. Her outfit is the Strixhaven academy first-year uniform, and she has pink glasses with glittering frames.

A version of my bunny character Dee, for an upcoming Strixhaven game. She's shown here in the first year uniform, but her ultimate plan is to join the college of Prismari.

Gift Art - CJ Birthday 2022

toasterpip character furry horse smash_bros super_smash_bros character card silly pun

A birthday gift for one of my online buddies, done in the style of the Smash Bros intro card. Also silly puns.

Lia - Smash Bros Intro Card

toasterpip character furry fox dancing couple super_smash_bros ssb introduction character splash card

Got inspired while helping my friend Lia out to do something silly.

Wyllo - Synth Transformation

toasterpip character furry wolf synth robot mecha wyllo taleweaver

Through further Magic Shenanigans, Wyllo at one point got turned into a synthetic version of herself. The 'plates' on most of her body are more like vulcanized rubber than plastic or metal - firm, but with some give. And certain areas of her are much softer to allow more pleasant hugs and better expressiveness around the mouth.


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