Character Design

Furcadia - Amelie Photo Reference Memes

A selection of images of Amelie Laveur, inspired by reference images of real raccoons.

A drawing of Amelie Laveur, inspired by a photo of a real life raccoon. As in the photo, Amelie is leaning forward with hands outstretched, fingers splayed. Between her hands on the table before her is a flask with a bubbling pink liquid inside. She is looking at the flask with curious delight.

D&D - Strixhaven Dee

toasterpip A full body portrait of Dee, a young snowshoe hare woman. She's depicted midway through a leap, or a skip, smiling towards the viewer. Her outfit is the Strixhaven academy first-year uniform, and she has pink glasses with glittering frames.

A version of my bunny character Dee, for an upcoming Strixhaven game. She's shown here in the first year uniform, but her ultimate plan is to join the college of Prismari.

D&D - Kopio

A collection of pictures featuring my changeling druid, Kopio! (They/Them)
toasterpip A changeling druid named Kopio. They have dark skin and hair, golden eyes with black sclera, and somewhat animalistic teeth. They are perched on a tree stump in a forest background, smiling up at someone behind the viewpoint. They wear hide clothes and have many colourful bracelets.

Gift Art - CJ Birthday 2022

toasterpip character furry horse smash_bros super_smash_bros character card silly pun

A birthday gift for one of my online buddies, done in the style of the Smash Bros intro card. Also silly puns.

Lia - Smash Bros Intro Card

toasterpip character furry fox dancing couple super_smash_bros ssb introduction character splash card

Got inspired while helping my friend Lia out to do something silly.


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