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Furcadia - Amelie Laveur

toasterpip A reference sheet for Maetrix Amelie Laveur. She is presented as a full dragon now, with short, starry dark fur. The image depicts her mostly in a compressed 'furre' form which is mostly humanoid, though it also shows her 300 foot long true quadrupedal dragon form which largely resembles a mix of raccoon and ferret in stature and proportion. Four outfits are depicted, most prominently her white and silver Argent Order robes. She is also shown wearing a mustard-yellow everyday tunic and pants, a golden yellow formal dress with an asymmetric layered skirt, and a blue one-piece swimsuit. The image also shows a number of important items for Amelie: her Asclepius staff, the silver serpent torc she wears because of her oaths as a fleshcrafter, a white handkerchief with red embroidery, a silver earring, an iron circlet that hooks over her horns, a leather satchel embroidered with several medical emblems and her name, and a red tassel with a gold medallion and clip that marks her as a first-level instructor of the Argent Order's magic.

Thanks to even more incorporation of her partner's biology (in this case, a whole entire dragon's worth), Amelie has been transformed into a more fully-dragon form. She's able to compress down to her old size, but it requires effort and focus.

D&D5E - Jonne the Barbequebarian

A waist-up portrait of an elk-man barbarian named Jonne. He smiles charmingly at the camera as he hefts his greataxe, Trailmaker, over one shoulder and puts his other fist on his hip. He wears a leather vest and skirts trimmed with red fur, and painted with red and yellow triangles. The background features a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber, a mushroom slice, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper in front of a burst of fire.

Here we have Jonne, an elk-man Barbarian for an upcoming Fool's Gold D&D campaign! He's a Soaring Soul Barbarian and aspiring frontier cook, who hopes to discover a rare ingredient or recipe that will win him the Bellowing BBQ Festival in Pyrite.

Furcadia - Amelie Photo Reference Memes

A selection of images of Amelie Laveur, inspired by reference images of real raccoons.

A drawing of Amelie Laveur, inspired by a photo of a real life raccoon. As in the photo, Amelie is leaning forward with hands outstretched, fingers splayed. Between her hands on the table before her is a flask with a bubbling pink liquid inside. She is looking at the flask with curious delight.

Tarot Character Cards

The Major Arcana

An image of a lizardfolk cleric named Duzi. They are depicted as the icon of the Magician card of the Tarot Major Arcana. They hold one hand up, clutching a wand and pointing skyward. The other hand points down, and holds the chain of a silver holy symbol depicting a pair of serpents wound about a medical cross. They wear simple clothes, with a red cape and knee-length breeches. The Tarot imagery is served by the scimitar and wand slung at their hip, a cup tied to the strap of their medicine satchel, and a pentacle coin hung about their neck. They have a cloth mask over the end of their snout. A gilded card frame denotes this card as Number One, The Magician.

For The Magician, we have Duzi Star-Watcher, a lizardfolk protection cleric and street doctor.


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