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Tarot Character Cards

The Major Arcana

An image of a lizardfolk cleric named Duzi. They are depicted as the icon of the Magician card of the Tarot Major Arcana. They hold one hand up, clutching a wand and pointing skyward. The other hand points down, and holds the chain of a silver holy symbol depicting a pair of serpents wound about a medical cross. They wear simple clothes, with a red cape and knee-length breeches. The Tarot imagery is served by the scimitar and wand slung at their hip, a cup tied to the strap of their medicine satchel, and a pentacle coin hung about their neck. They have a cloth mask over the end of their snout. A gilded card frame denotes this card as Number One, The Magician.

For The Magician, we have Duzi Star-Watcher, a lizardfolk protection cleric and street doctor.

Inktober 2019

For this Inktober, I decided to roll up another 31 random race/theme/class combinations, using races from Alien Archives 2 and 3 (except ones I'd already drawn), and including the three new classes for the Character Operations Manual, the Biohacker, Vanguard, and Witchwarper.

 toasterpip inktober 2019 starfinder dromada spacefarer biohacker

For Day 1, we have a Dromada Spacefarer Biohacker. Dromada are skittish herd animals with independent eyes. Why would they ever have both eyes focused on soemthing that wasn't an immediate danger, I figured?

Inktober 2018

For this Inktober, I put together a list of all the Starfinder races, themes, and classes, and then rolled up 31 random characters.

toasterpip inktober inktober2018 starfinder 1d31_starfinder_NPCs

Inktober 2017

Inktober is a drawing challenge emphasizing consistent work for an entire month.

The list of themes is drawn from this tumblr post.

inktober inktober2017 theme_list space_travellers

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