Commission - Volgo von Menscherfiend Reference

toasterpip character reference sheet furcadia furry squirrel minotaur construct hybrid greatsword baron volgo_von_menscherfiend

A reference sheet done for my buddy Ramiel, of one of his other big (literally) characters, Volgo! Had fun with the symbols on his body.

Commission - Farren Pounce

toasterpip commission farren_dustfur calvin_and_hobbes panel_redraw pounce cat robot furry

A commission for Farren Dustfur, of his fursona "greeting" my persona character at the door.

Commission - Síle Winter Dress

toasterpip commission illustration fox anthro winter dress romanian style winter_scene

The patterns on this one were tricky, but worth the work.

Commission - Dothrhux the Druid

toasterpip commission illustration spider jumping_spider druid D&D DnD

A commission for my buddy Archana of a druid character who is basically a human-sized intelligent jumping spider. Also a druid.

Commission - Xoraena Holiday 2021

toasterpip commission illustration vixen white fox anthro holiday dress fur_trim

A holiday commission for one of my Furcadia friends of her character Xoraena in an Xmas dress.

Commission - Harbard One-Eye Fishing

toasterpip commission illustration leonin druid lion anthro fishing pier lake frog

For my buddy Blimpop, his Leonin druid Harbard One-Eye doing some fishing.

I like the frog.

Commission - KONO FARREN DA!

toasterpip commission illustration digital art meme jojo's_bizzare_adventure kono_dio_da dio_brando

Commission for Farren of his fursona doing the "KONO DIO DA" meme from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.

Commission - Ramiel Kane Armour

toasterpip commission illustration final_fantasy final_fantasy_4 kane anthro ramiel_brisbane rabbit armour spear

A Hallowe'en commission for my buddy of his character Ramiel in Kane's armour from Final Fantasy 4.

Commission - Síle Cuddle Pile

toasterpip commission illustration fox lion cuddling nap sleeping plushie goat rabbit squirrel blanket

A commission for Síle of her fox aspect and a friend's lion character taking a nap with some plush friends.


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