Commission: Shale Crow

toasterpip commission rpg bird reptile uncanny no_eyes vulture shale_crow

This is for Roman, of a monster/creature in his WH40K-styled tabletop game. These are called "Shale Crows" and despite having no eyes, will stare you down as you walk through their territory. And they're bold enough to attack even living, if wounded, humans.

Commission: Deployable Sentry Bot

toasterpip commission scifi robot sentry turret bot

A commission for my client, Roman. They wanted a sentry bot that was a sort of 'economy' model, meant to be deployed and stowed easily and with an affordable aesthetic. I decided to give it a sort of look like a rolling suitcase like you'd see for airport luggage, where there's casters on the bottom so it can be wheeled into place before deploying.

Commission: Longshot

toasterpip commission cyberpunk sniper longshot cybernetic rifle

A commission for my client Roman. He's running a cyberpunk game and wanted an enhanced sniper named Longshot. He's as deadly as he is stylish.

Commission: Denise Portrait

toasterpip commission portrait likeness

This is a portrait done for my mother. Turned out quite nice, I think!

Commission: Reptilian Azlanti Villain

toasterpip commission starfinder reptilian azlanti villain armour armor whip

A commission done of a Starfinder villain character. She's a hard-as-nails prison warden working for the Azlanti Star Empire. Came out pretty well, I think!

Commission: Drone Technician

toasterpip commission flat colour sci-fi cyberpunk cyborg augmented drone technician

A commission done for someone on a Tabletop Games Discord server, as an enemy NPC for a game they're setting up. This poor fellow is a technician drone, meant for performing maintenance on a megacorp's infrastructure.

Commission: Kosatar Smokescale

toasterpip commission kobold furcadia dnd pathfinder d&d smoke

Another commission for my Furcadia friend, of his kobold character! The runes carved into his flesh allow him to produce and control smoke, including creating different scented smokes, like incense!

Commission: Ramiel Brisbane

toasterpip commission furry guard armour rabbit bunny man

A commission for one of my Furcadia buddies of his 'main' character, Ramiel Brisbane. The scale mail was a learning experience for sure!

Commission - Errma Grandina

toasterpip commission dnd dungeons and dragons 5E tiefling warlock

A commission done for a local friend of his D&D 5E character, Errma Grandina. She's made a pact with a Fae whose schtick is passion.


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