Tarot Character Cards

The Major Arcana

An image of a lizardfolk cleric named Duzi. They are depicted as the icon of the Magician card of the Tarot Major Arcana. They hold one hand up, clutching a wand and pointing skyward. The other hand points down, and holds the chain of a silver holy symbol depicting a pair of serpents wound about a medical cross. They wear simple clothes, with a red cape and knee-length breeches. The Tarot imagery is served by the scimitar and wand slung at their hip, a cup tied to the strap of their medicine satchel, and a pentacle coin hung about their neck. They have a cloth mask over the end of their snout. A gilded card frame denotes this card as Number One, The Magician.

For The Magician, we have Duzi Star-Watcher, a lizardfolk protection cleric and street doctor.

Pathfinder - Gizik Clampjaw

toasterpip character design kobold pathfinder pf2e pfrpg witch familiar turtle snapping_turtle

A kobold witch for an upcoming Pathfinder 2E game! Gizik is just as bitey as his familiar, be careful!

Commission: Millie the Ratfolk

toasterpip pathfinder ratfolk rogue mouse anthro kukri thief cloak

Done for a local friend of his Pathfinder character Millie. She appears to have been caught in the middle of a heist - how will she get out of this one?

Pathfinder: Dahish

toasterpip pathfinder gunslinger tiefling div-spawn mysterious_stranger agender

This here is Dahish, a Div-Spawn Tiefling (meaning their heritage includes some corrupted genie blood). They're a Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger on a quest to earn their way back home after being exiled for a transgression.

S-84 "Sapphire" Khim

toasterpip pathfinder android scholar sapphire khim

This is S-84, who was long ago sold to a Tien family as a housekeeper and tutor. After several generations, she'd become essentially part of the family. Sadly, as sometimes happens in Tian Xia, intrigue boiled over into violence, and S-84 was left without a family. Carrying the heirloom blade of the Khim family, she's set out to explore the world and learn all she can from it.

Pathfinder Academy Student Cards

A design for "student ID cards" for a Pathfinder campaign being run by a local GM. Our characters start in an academy, as a device to help develop our characters.

Click here for a printable PDF.

This is an example of one filled out, with my character De'Al. Her backstory is slightly different than the usual version, due to the Academy's premise.

toasterpip Pathfinder Academy Student Card


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