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Tarot Character Cards

The Major Arcana

An image of a lizardfolk cleric named Duzi. They are depicted as the icon of the Magician card of the Tarot Major Arcana. They hold one hand up, clutching a wand and pointing skyward. The other hand points down, and holds the chain of a silver holy symbol depicting a pair of serpents wound about a medical cross. They wear simple clothes, with a red cape and knee-length breeches. The Tarot imagery is served by the scimitar and wand slung at their hip, a cup tied to the strap of their medicine satchel, and a pentacle coin hung about their neck. They have a cloth mask over the end of their snout. A gilded card frame denotes this card as Number One, The Magician.

For The Magician, we have Duzi Star-Watcher, a lizardfolk protection cleric and street doctor.

D&D - Strixhaven Dee

toasterpip A full body portrait of Dee, a young snowshoe hare woman. She's depicted midway through a leap, or a skip, smiling towards the viewer. Her outfit is the Strixhaven academy first-year uniform, and she has pink glasses with glittering frames.

A version of my bunny character Dee, for an upcoming Strixhaven game. She's shown here in the first year uniform, but her ultimate plan is to join the college of Prismari.

D&D - Tazruk Mountainmaw Reference Sheet

toasterpip character kobold D&D rpg dnd paladin cute outfits dress gambeson armour armor war_pick

A reference sheet for Tazruk Mountainmaw, the kobold Paladin!

D&D - Salty Dogs NPCs

A selection of NPC portraits for the pirate game I run!

 Redstack NPCs

toasterpip character rpg D&D dnd drow dark_elf woman armour noble dark_glasses

Lady Omrass, the noblewoman who oversees things in Redstack. Very concerned with how people percieve her.

Character Design - Vurn Brassclaw

toasterpip character design kobold artificer dnd5e dnd 5e mechanical drake reference sheet battlesmith

One of my D&D characters, Vurn!

Designing Gotu was a lot of fun. Tried for a sort of "hot rod motorbike meets overcomplicated fantasy armour" vibe.

D&D - Maynet Mayhem NPCs

toasterpip character portrait dragonborn cleric combat_wheelchair

Ampash Soriel, a cleric of Alenia that the PCs rescued. The party saved her life, but she was left paralyzed. They put together a combat wheelchair for her to use!

toasterpip character rpg d&d dnd dragonborn wizard NPC guard glasses

D&D - Dux Ends Iliah the Betrayer

toasterpip illustration digital_art dnd dungeons_and_dragons kobold scene yuan-ti

A moment from one of the D&D games I'm in, where Dux Irontooth struck down Iliah the Betrayer and warned his followers to get to safety before Iliah's allies came down on them.


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