Pathfinder RPG System and Starfinder RPG System

D&D - Tazruk Mountainmaw Reference Sheet

toasterpip character kobold D&D rpg dnd paladin cute outfits dress gambeson armour armor war_pick

A reference sheet for Tazruk Mountainmaw, the kobold Paladin!

D&D - Salty Dogs NPCs

A selection of NPC portraits for the pirate game I run!

 Redstack NPCs

toasterpip character rpg D&D dnd drow dark_elf woman armour noble dark_glasses

Lady Omrass, the noblewoman who oversees things in Redstack. Very concerned with how people percieve her.

Character Design - Vurn Brassclaw

toasterpip character design kobold artificer dnd5e dnd 5e mechanical drake reference sheet battlesmith

One of my D&D characters, Vurn!

Designing Gotu was a lot of fun. Tried for a sort of "hot rod motorbike meets overcomplicated fantasy armour" vibe.

D&D - Maynet Mayhem NPCs

toasterpip character portrait dragonborn cleric combat_wheelchair

Ampash Soriel, a cleric of Alenia that the PCs rescued. The party saved her life, but she was left paralyzed. They put together a combat wheelchair for her to use!

toasterpip character rpg d&d dnd dragonborn wizard NPC guard glasses

D&D - Tazruk Mountainmaw

toasterpip character rpg D&D dnd kobold paladin lizard draconic knight noble

Tazruk here is a kobold Oath of Redemption Paladin, a knight of Five Scales, and one of the members of a doomed Romeo and Juliet-style romance.

DnD 5E: Dux Irontooth

toasterpip dnd d&d kobold fighter archer

Dux Irontooth [LE kobold fighter] was born a slave, and spent a lot of his formative years muzzled due to his habit of being a yapper. As an adult, Dux earned his freedom by becoming a slavecatcher. He's an evil little shit who'll take any bounty for coin, and his only real spark of honour is that he always finishes his jobs - he comes back with the bounty, or not at all.

S-84 "Sapphire" Khim

toasterpip pathfinder android scholar sapphire khim

This is S-84, who was long ago sold to a Tien family as a housekeeper and tutor. After several generations, she'd become essentially part of the family. Sadly, as sometimes happens in Tian Xia, intrigue boiled over into violence, and S-84 was left without a family. Carrying the heirloom blade of the Khim family, she's set out to explore the world and learn all she can from it.


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