Shakeed Cannon-Smith

toasterpip character furcadia laratia raptor deinonychus dinosaur birb person blacksmith fantasy feathered scaly scalie

And here we have Shakeed! They are a big fluffy goofball, and love giving warm fluffy hugs! Though if you're a canine, they may be a bit wary of you.

Laratia World Map

laratia world_map geology map

A world map showing the basic geographical features and primary factions of the world.

Byrch Lestrand Huntress

Byrch Lestrand Huntress

Byrch Lestrand Huntress was among the Graath elite before she and Wyllo Taleweaver openly defied Koriak's regime and fled.

Taro Sorim, the Teller

Taro Sorim, the Teller Reference Sheet

Taro Sorim, the Teller is a member of the Pinara Itaraka race of Laratia. A wanderer with an enthusiasm for good stories, Taro is well known throughout the Northern Reaches for his particular flair when retelling a tale, especially ones he witnessed firsthand.

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