Last Light

The Eahen

eahen last_light

The Eahen were a humanoid species descended from a pseudo-reptilian ancestry. They possessed a contact telepathic ability they refer to as their Link. They were roughly equivalent to humans in most respects, though they had somewhat higher average intelligence and superior information processing and retention capabilities. Their skin was ivory white, and covered in fine micro-scales, giving them a slightly tougher hide.


Eola, the Last Light

last_light eola stasis chamber

As Garrett clambered out of his mech to get an unfiltered look at the vast, run-down chamber, he couldn't help but marvel at the construction. The Eahen, though long-gone, had built everything to last. This ancient place still even had power, though it looked to be faltering now.

Eola and Ayshiel

last_light furcadia character_portrait eola ayshiel

These two are characters from my "Last Light" universe, and also exist as characters on Furcadia.

On the left is Eola, the "Last Light" of the Eahen race. She was put into stasis to act as a final hope for the future of their people in the face of an extinction disaster.

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