Eola, the Last Light

last_light eola stasis chamber

As Garrett clambered out of his mech to get an unfiltered look at the vast, run-down chamber, he couldn't help but marvel at the construction. The Eahen, though long-gone, had built everything to last. This ancient place still even had power, though it looked to be faltering now.

That of course never stopped nature, and the buttresses supporting the ceiling above revealed their age with cracks and chips and water damage. Breaks in the ceiling itself allowed sunlight from far above to filter in, illuminating the thick dust hanging and swirling in the air, kept aloft by the disturbance of the thin waterfalls that threatened to flood parts of the chamber. And at the center was a great plinth with what looked to be a glass chamber. A reliquary perhaps?

Eola was put into stasis for thousands of years by the technomagically advanced race known as the Eahen. On the verge of extinction, they imbued Eola with the memories of their greatest minds and sealed her away, in the hopes that if they disappeared, some small part of them would live on.