Commission: Tolen NPCs

toasterpip commission star_trek alien NPC TTRPG RPG tolen characters

A group of sketch commissions for my repeat climate Roman. This time it's for a Star Trek style RPG, and these are a selection of the NPCs the players will encounter, along with a generic NPC for use on maps (at the bottom).

Commission: Pandamonium Bust Sketch

toasterpip commission sketch anthro panda tired grumpy

A commission for my brother, just a quick sketch of his panda character, Pandamonium. He's a grumpus with entropy powers.

D&D 5E: Doreen Taylor

toasterpip dnd d&d minotaur barbarian bison curvy dress curly_hair pike javelin

One of my D&D characters, Doreen Taylor. She's a seamstress who took up adventuring for coin and excitement. The setting she's in has gods walking amongst mortals, so she has joined the House of Ullr and fights in his name.

Commission: Brunnhilde

toasterpip commission lancer sci-fi mech medieval scandinavian woman mud_and_lasers

A LANCER pilot! Brunnhilde is from a far-flung medieval world, and was working as a tinker until she got her hands on a mech kit.

Commission: Millie the Ratfolk

toasterpip pathfinder ratfolk rogue mouse anthro kukri thief cloak

Done for a local friend of his Pathfinder character Millie. She appears to have been caught in the middle of a heist - how will she get out of this one?

Commission: Hexen Danz

toasterpip commission fantasy dinosaur tianyulong witch summoning swamp feathers candles

A commission for my buddy Farren of his tianyulong witch character, Hexen Danz. She's summoning some demon friends!

Commission: Corrupted Abbot Skae

toasterpip commission warhammer warhammer_40K 40,000 WH40K Possessed priest daemon

Another commission for my client Roman. This time of a final "boss" for a Warhammer 40K game they're running. Abbot Skae has been possessed by a daemon, and his distended hands have become his main method of attack as he taunts the party.

Commission: Shale Crow

toasterpip commission rpg bird reptile uncanny no_eyes vulture shale_crow

This is for Roman, of a monster/creature in his WH40K-styled tabletop game. These are called "Shale Crows" and despite having no eyes, will stare you down as you walk through their territory. And they're bold enough to attack even living, if wounded, humans.


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