Commission - KONO FARREN DA!

toasterpip commission illustration digital art meme jojo's_bizzare_adventure kono_dio_da dio_brando

Commission for Farren of his fursona doing the "KONO DIO DA" meme from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.

Commission - Ramiel Kane Armour

toasterpip commission illustration final_fantasy final_fantasy_4 kane anthro ramiel_brisbane rabbit armour spear

A Hallowe'en commission for my buddy of his character Ramiel in Kane's armour from Final Fantasy 4.

Commission - Síle Cuddle Pile

toasterpip commission illustration fox lion cuddling nap sleeping plushie goat rabbit squirrel blanket

A commission for Síle of her fox aspect and a friend's lion character taking a nap with some plush friends.

Commission - Síle Picnic Table

toasterpip commission character arctic_fox fox child popsicle picnic table

Commission done for an online friend of her fursona as a little kid enjoying a blue raspberry popsicle.

Commission - Erijn Thundersworn

toasterpip commission illustration digital woman dark_elf armoured armored war_hammer warhammer lightning electricity magic

Erijn Thundersworn is a noblewoman who wields twin warhammers and lightning magic, and is the heir to a royal family ostensibly descended from a pair of gods.

Commission - The Fancy Lion

toasterpip commission design logo lion skull top hat skull_and_crossbones axe femur

toasterpip commission design logo lion skull top hat skull_and_crossbones axe femur business_card

A rebranding project for Farren Dustfur, now AKA The Fancy Lion.

Commission: RinTinTin Tuckmatoot

toasterpip commission fantasy kobold RPG Pathfinder swashbuckler

RinTinTin Tuckmatoot is a little kobold swashbuckler who is basically playing at superheroes, wearing clothes that don't fit him well. He might grow into them?

Commission: Ramiel Brisbane (Legionnaire)

toasterpip commission furry anthro hare rabbit legionnaire roman centurion

Another commission of my buddy's character Ramiel, this time in a  Roman Legionnaire/ Centurion outfit. The background is one of my first forays into actual digital painting.


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