Yamagrad: Characters

toasterpip A white fennec fox with a feminine build. They wear an ice-blue ladies' military uniform with a flight cap, and have a flight cap. Her legs are prosthetics up to the hip, shown to the side in their full length but hidden by the uniform skirt in the main image.

This is Noble, the current Prime Minister of Yamagrad. She's deliberately an enigma, being very careful to protect her past and private life. Many people see them as cold and aloof, a repuation they're in no hurry to dispel. Noble is a former military officer who pivoted to politics after some classified accident took her legs. Having been elected Prime Minister and replacing the former military commanding officer who was leading Yamagrad, they've been bringing forward a lot of progressive nation-building policies, particularly infrastructure projects and trying to reach out to the other communities in the wastelands around Yamagrad rather than treating them as potential hostile actors.


toasterpip A broad-set canine woman, sporting features of a hyena dalmatian cross. Amy 392 has bright orange hair with gold bangs and luminous blue eyes. She wears a maroon turtleneck sweater under a uniform coat with the Amy Complex emblem on the back, as well as patches for the Logistics and Command divisions of the Terran Commonwealth on the shoulders.

An updated look at Amy 392 in her Yamagrad appearance. I quite like the new look, and the updated uniform coat was fun to design. She's a member of the Amy Complex, the complex gestalt synthetic intelligence who used to reside in the universe of the Terran Commonwealth, but had to move to the world of Latios, parking her facility just outside Yamagrad. 392 is specifically the logistics specialist for the Complex, and her current project is a massive floating farm complex built in and from the Latian equivalent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

toasterpip A character design for the Hex Farms comic, set in Yamagrad. This picture depicts Larrie, a corgi anthro woman. She stands four feet tall and is quite curvy. Her outfit consists of a lab coat with rolled-up sleeves, a white blouse, and denim shorts that come to mid-thigh. The image also provides a profile view, and an image of a sticker-covered datapad and stylus with a smiley topper.

Larrie is the leading Agriponics expert in Yamagrad, so she was a natural fit to help 392 set up the Hex Farm project. She's a little scatterbrained, but when she is focused she's sharp as a tack.