Example Logos

Below are a selection of non-customized example logos to demonstrate logo styling.

A set of five logos for example companies. In the top right, the black silhouette of a wolf howls with a yellow halo-like element behind its head, as though howling at the moon. The text "EXAMPLE COMPANY" is displayed in black beside the wolf. In the top right, an orange octagon holds yellow letters "SC" and a dark green silhouette of an evergreen tree. The words "Sample Company" are in dark green below it. To the lower left, the words "Sample Company" are rendered in a hand-drawn looking font of brown, while a pair of maple leaves, one dark brown the other tan, fan out to the left. To the lower right, the words "Example Company" in a dark pink heavy serif font curl around a circle of the same colour, with a lighter pink silhouette of a rose in the center. At the bottom, in royal blue, the word "Dragonfly" is rendered in an all-caps font. The O is enlarged, and a light blue silhouette of a dragonfly crosses it. Below to either side, the words "Example Company" appear in the same lighter blue as the dragonfly.