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Pathfinder - Gizik Clampjaw

toasterpip character design kobold pathfinder pf2e pfrpg witch familiar turtle snapping_turtle

A kobold witch for an upcoming Pathfinder 2E game! Gizik is just as bitey as his familiar, be careful!

Poster - KOBOLD movie

toasterpip kobold character movie poster tron style shiny rock cartoony

A "movie" poster done in reply to koboldposting on Twitter. They posted a prompt of "Kobold: the movie" and I immediately thought of either the classic TRON poster or the original Star Wars movie posters. I decided to lean more on TRON for this.

It's the shiniest rock!

Furcadia - Rifner Bridge-Weaver

toasterpip character design furry dog brown_lab laratia furcadia himbo construction rifner bridge_weaver

Splash page for one of my characters, Rifner Bridge-Weaver! He's fun, since he's a big sweetheart, though not very bright.

Character Crest - Lia and Sheila Floral

toasterpip design furry emblem crest fox foxglove laurels dahlia flowers floral

A shared crest for my friends Sheila and Lia incorporating flowers they associate with (foxgloves and dahlia) as a 'family crest' sort of design.

Gift Art - Sheila Menorah Dress

toasterpip character furry fox arctic_fox child dress cute vulpine_amethyst Sheila

A quick doodle gift for my friend Sheila. She'd linked a cute dress and her desire to have it, so I drew it!

Gift Art - CJ Birthday 2022

toasterpip character furry horse smash_bros super_smash_bros character card silly pun

A birthday gift for one of my online buddies, done in the style of the Smash Bros intro card. Also silly puns.

Lia - Smash Bros Intro Card

toasterpip character furry fox dancing couple super_smash_bros ssb introduction character splash card

Got inspired while helping my friend Lia out to do something silly.

Commission - Volgo von Menscherfiend Reference

toasterpip character reference sheet furcadia furry squirrel minotaur construct hybrid greatsword baron volgo_von_menscherfiend

A reference sheet done for my buddy Ramiel, of one of his other big (literally) characters, Volgo! Had fun with the symbols on his body.


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