Starbound: Ethyl Proxima

toasterpip starbound novakid cowgirl pink cute curly_hair

One of my Starbound characters, Ethyl Proxima. She's a sweetie, but her poor memory means that anything further back than 6 months isn't retained. She remembers HOW to do things, but she doesn't remember WHY she can, or any of the events that have happened to her.

Mystery Skulls Animated: Lewis

mystery_skulls mystery_skulls_animated MSA lewis ghost

An animated fanart image for the music video of Mystery Skulls - Ghost as animated by MysteryBen.

Splatoon: Ochre Sienna

splatoon fanart ochre_sienna

Fan character for the Splatoon universe.

Hyper Light Drifter

hyper_light_drifter heart_machine fanart drifter

This is the Drifter from the Heart Machine game Hyper Light Drifter.

Gift Art: Softy Birthday Pictures

These pictures are gift art done for a friend of mine for her birthday.


softy-pokewolf giftart gift birthday

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