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DnD 5E: Dux Irontooth

toasterpip dnd d&d kobold fighter archer

Dux Irontooth [LE kobold fighter] was born a slave, and spent a lot of his formative years muzzled due to his habit of being a yapper. As an adult, Dux earned his freedom by becoming a slavecatcher. He's an evil little shit who'll take any bounty for coin, and his only real spark of honour is that he always finishes his jobs - he comes back with the bounty, or not at all.

DnD 5E: Whistler (Kenku Bard)

toasterpip dnd d&d kenku bard fluffy bird

Whistler here is a kenku bard with the College of Glamour. They were taught by a dryad after being chased out of their hometown for one too many petty thefts. They're at the same time fancy and a dirty forest gremlin.

DnD 5E: Balzavur Mimrun

toasterpip dnd dungeons and dragons dragonborn paladin

Balzavur Mimrun (Clan Balzavur) is a dragonborn Paladin I'll be bringing into a 5E game. He's going to take the Oath of the Crown to go maximum tank! He's a hard Lawful Neutral, meaning he'll basically be holy Judge Dredd.

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