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D&D - Maynet Mayhem NPCs

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Ampash Soriel, a cleric of Alenia that the PCs rescued. The party saved her life, but she was left paralyzed. They put together a combat wheelchair for her to use!

D&D - Dux Ends Iliah the Betrayer

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A moment from one of the D&D games I'm in, where Dux Irontooth struck down Iliah the Betrayer and warned his followers to get to safety before Iliah's allies came down on them.

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Tazruk Mountainmaw

toasterpip character kobold paladin ttrpg dnd5e

Tazruk is a knight in service to her clan, the Mountainmaws of Five Scale. Mechanically she's an Oath of Redemption Paladin.


D&D 5E: Doreen Taylor

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One of my D&D characters, Doreen Taylor. She's a seamstress who took up adventuring for coin and excitement. The setting she's in has gods walking amongst mortals, so she has joined the House of Ullr and fights in his name.

DnD 5E: Dux Irontooth

toasterpip dnd d&d kobold fighter archer

Dux Irontooth [LE kobold fighter] was born a slave, and spent a lot of his formative years muzzled due to his habit of being a yapper. As an adult, Dux earned his freedom by becoming a slavecatcher. He's an evil little shit who'll take any bounty for coin, and his only real spark of honour is that he always finishes his jobs - he comes back with the bounty, or not at all.

DnD 5E: Whistler (Kenku Bard)

toasterpip dnd d&d kenku bard fluffy bird

Whistler here is a kenku bard with the College of Glamour. They were taught by a dryad after being chased out of their hometown for one too many petty thefts. They're at the same time fancy and a dirty forest gremlin.

DnD 5E: Balzavur Mimrun

toasterpip dnd dungeons and dragons dragonborn paladin

Balzavur Mimrun (Clan Balzavur) is a dragonborn Paladin I'll be bringing into a 5E game. He's going to take the Oath of the Crown to go maximum tank! He's a hard Lawful Neutral, meaning he'll basically be holy Judge Dredd.

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