Commission - Síle Picnic Table

toasterpip commission character arctic_fox fox child popsicle picnic table

Commission done for an online friend of her fursona as a little kid enjoying a blue raspberry popsicle.

Commission - Erijn Thundersworn

toasterpip commission illustration digital woman dark_elf armoured armored war_hammer warhammer lightning electricity magic

Erijn Thundersworn is a noblewoman who wields twin warhammers and lightning magic, and is the heir to a royal family ostensibly descended from a pair of gods.

Commission: Tolen NPCs

toasterpip commission star_trek alien NPC TTRPG RPG tolen characters

A group of sketch commissions for my repeat climate Roman. This time it's for a Star Trek style RPG, and these are a selection of the NPCs the players will encounter, along with a generic NPC for use on maps (at the bottom).

Commission: Brunnhilde

toasterpip commission lancer sci-fi mech medieval scandinavian woman mud_and_lasers

A LANCER pilot! Brunnhilde is from a far-flung medieval world, and was working as a tinker until she got her hands on a mech kit.

Commission: Millie the Ratfolk

toasterpip pathfinder ratfolk rogue mouse anthro kukri thief cloak

Done for a local friend of his Pathfinder character Millie. She appears to have been caught in the middle of a heist - how will she get out of this one?

Pathfinder: Dahish

toasterpip pathfinder gunslinger tiefling div-spawn mysterious_stranger agender

This here is Dahish, a Div-Spawn Tiefling (meaning their heritage includes some corrupted genie blood). They're a Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger on a quest to earn their way back home after being exiled for a transgression.

Commission: Corrupted Abbot Skae

toasterpip commission warhammer warhammer_40K 40,000 WH40K Possessed priest daemon

Another commission for my client Roman. This time of a final "boss" for a Warhammer 40K game they're running. Abbot Skae has been possessed by a daemon, and his distended hands have become his main method of attack as he taunts the party.

Commission: Longshot

toasterpip commission cyberpunk sniper longshot cybernetic rifle

A commission for my client Roman. He's running a cyberpunk game and wanted an enhanced sniper named Longshot. He's as deadly as he is stylish.

Commission: Denise Portrait

toasterpip commission portrait likeness

This is a portrait done for my mother. Turned out quite nice, I think!


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