ACAI - "Handler"

toasterpip character portrait human woman orange_hair headset glasses

An Ancient-Class AI known as "Handler". She is partnered with a Latian who goes by Skips. She serves as his 'gal in the chair' while he's out exploring the dangerous post-apocalyptic tundra of Latios, looking for forgotten secrets, peoples, and resources. Skips is a bit of a himbo, and she barely puts up with it.

Farouche Bakery Coat

toasterpip character portrait shy_guy nintendo baker pink_hair painted_mask pastries

An updated look for my character Farouche, the ShyGal with a bakery! She makes pastry kobolds among others!

Eola and Ayshiel

last_light furcadia character_portrait eola ayshiel

These two are characters from my "Last Light" universe, and also exist as characters on Furcadia.

On the left is Eola, the "Last Light" of the Eahen race. She was put into stasis to act as a final hope for the future of their people in the face of an extinction disaster.

Farouche the ShyGal

furcadia character_portrait farouche shygal

Farouche is a fan character for the Mario universe. She's a ShyGal, a variation of Shy Guys (and was originally inspired by the Minus8 designs). She owns a bakery and excels at cooking confectionary treats like Yoshi Cookies and a wide variety of candies.

Aardemaa, the Earth Sprite

furcadia character_portrait aardemaa earth elemental sprite

Aardemaa, an Elemental Sprite of Earth who protects Rainbow Bay. Generally male, but equally comfortable assuming a female form, or anything in between.

Aardemaa embodies more the "nature" aspect of the Earth element, and has strong connections to the cycle of the seasons, fertility, and growth.

Sapphire Khim

furcadia character_portrait sapphire_khim synthetic synth gynoid

Sapphire Khim. She's a Synth, a human who has opted to upload themselves into an artificial body. She's also an archaeologist and a NERD.

Esskar the Gutless

furcadia character_portrait esskar naga snake

Esskar the Gutless, a Naga HVAC technician. His design is based loosely on a hognose snake, and his lower arms are equivalent to human legs in that they are attached to the pelvis and developed from quadrupedal legs. They are stronger than his upper arms, but not as dextrous.

De'Al "The Blizzard" Zelado

furcadia character_portrait de'al ice witch bunny

De'Al "The Blizzard" Zelado, an ice witch currently living at Rainbow Bay. Also a Pathfinder character, an Usagi Hengeyokai Winter Witch.

Stenella the Merdolphin

furcadia character_portrait merdolphin stenella

This portrait features her current everyday outfit, with a wetsuit base and an overcoat for time spent on land.

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