Commission - Volgo von Menscherfiend Reference

toasterpip character reference sheet furcadia furry squirrel minotaur construct hybrid greatsword baron volgo_von_menscherfiend

A reference sheet done for my buddy Ramiel, of one of his other big (literally) characters, Volgo! Had fun with the symbols on his body.

Wyllo - Synth Transformation

toasterpip character furry wolf synth robot mecha wyllo taleweaver

Through further Magic Shenanigans, Wyllo at one point got turned into a synthetic version of herself. The 'plates' on most of her body are more like vulcanized rubber than plastic or metal - firm, but with some give. And certain areas of her are much softer to allow more pleasant hugs and better expressiveness around the mouth.

Refsheet - Ochre Sienna 2022

toasterpip character furcadia splatoon inkling cephalopod humanoid woman reference_sheet refsheet ochre

One of my many, many characters. This one came out fantastic, even if I am questioning the sanity of spending an hour on the phone screen stuff alone.

Wyllo Taleweaver Reference 2022

toasterpip character furcadia laratia wyllo taleweaver canine canid furry genderfluid mage reference_sheet

A reference sheet for Wyllo's current stylings. They discovered while playing with their transformation magic that they had times they were more happy in feminine form and some when they were happier as masculine, recognizing they were gender-fluid.

Shakeed Cannon-Smith

toasterpip character furcadia laratia raptor deinonychus dinosaur birb person blacksmith fantasy feathered scaly scalie

And here we have Shakeed! They are a big fluffy goofball, and love giving warm fluffy hugs! Though if you're a canine, they may be a bit wary of you.

Character Design - Agross the Magikoopa

toasterpip character reference design magikoopa cluster super_mario_RPG nonbinary koopa mage

Agross here suffered A Terrible Fate when they tried to contain a wild magic anomaly. They were helped to get better, though they did end up stuck with some remnants of their transformation and the need to make a new wand.

ACAI - "Handler"

toasterpip character portrait human woman orange_hair headset glasses

An Ancient-Class AI known as "Handler". She is partnered with a Latian who goes by Skips. She serves as his 'gal in the chair' while he's out exploring the dangerous post-apocalyptic tundra of Latios, looking for forgotten secrets, peoples, and resources. Skips is a bit of a himbo, and she barely puts up with it.

Farouche Bakery Coat

toasterpip character portrait shy_guy nintendo baker pink_hair painted_mask pastries

An updated look for my character Farouche, the ShyGal with a bakery! She makes pastry kobolds among others!

Eola and Ayshiel

last_light furcadia character_portrait eola ayshiel

These two are characters from my "Last Light" universe, and also exist as characters on Furcadia.

On the left is Eola, the "Last Light" of the Eahen race. She was put into stasis to act as a final hope for the future of their people in the face of an extinction disaster.


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