Pathfinder RPG System and Starfinder RPG System

S-84 "Sapphire" Khim

toasterpip pathfinder android scholar sapphire khim

This is S-84, who was long ago sold to a Tien family as a housekeeper and tutor. After several generations, she'd become essentially part of the family. Sadly, as sometimes happens in Tian Xia, intrigue boiled over into violence, and S-84 was left without a family. Carrying the heirloom blade of the Khim family, she's set out to explore the world and learn all she can from it.

Starfinder Starship Building Reference Sheet

starfinder starship build reference paizo toasterpip design

This is just the first side! I got all the information on two pages - CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF!


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