Character Design

Gift Art - CJ Birthday 2022

toasterpip character furry horse smash_bros super_smash_bros character card silly pun

A birthday gift for one of my online buddies, done in the style of the Smash Bros intro card. Also silly puns.

Lia - Smash Bros Intro Card

toasterpip character furry fox dancing couple super_smash_bros ssb introduction character splash card

Got inspired while helping my friend Lia out to do something silly.

Wyllo - Synth Transformation

toasterpip character furry wolf synth robot mecha wyllo taleweaver

Through further Magic Shenanigans, Wyllo at one point got turned into a synthetic version of herself. The 'plates' on most of her body are more like vulcanized rubber than plastic or metal - firm, but with some give. And certain areas of her are much softer to allow more pleasant hugs and better expressiveness around the mouth.

Refsheet - Ochre Sienna 2022

toasterpip character furcadia splatoon inkling cephalopod humanoid woman reference_sheet refsheet ochre

One of my many, many characters. This one came out fantastic, even if I am questioning the sanity of spending an hour on the phone screen stuff alone.

Shakeed Cannon-Smith

toasterpip character furcadia laratia raptor deinonychus dinosaur birb person blacksmith fantasy feathered scaly scalie

And here we have Shakeed! They are a big fluffy goofball, and love giving warm fluffy hugs! Though if you're a canine, they may be a bit wary of you.

Character Design - Vurn Brassclaw

toasterpip character design kobold artificer dnd5e dnd 5e mechanical drake reference sheet battlesmith

One of my D&D characters, Vurn!

Designing Gotu was a lot of fun. Tried for a sort of "hot rod motorbike meets overcomplicated fantasy armour" vibe.

Character Design - Agross the Magikoopa

toasterpip character reference design magikoopa cluster super_mario_RPG nonbinary koopa mage

Agross here suffered A Terrible Fate when they tried to contain a wild magic anomaly. They were helped to get better, though they did end up stuck with some remnants of their transformation and the need to make a new wand.

Goblin Girls (Character Design Exercises)

Found a Goblin Girl Generator and decided to use it as a character design exercise. As I do more, they'll be added to this page.

toasterpip character design goblin girls generated green_skin yellow_skin orange_skin


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