Commission - Síle Picnic Table

toasterpip commission character arctic_fox fox child popsicle picnic table

Commission done for an online friend of her fursona as a little kid enjoying a blue raspberry popsicle.

Commission - Erijn Thundersworn

toasterpip commission illustration digital woman dark_elf armoured armored war_hammer warhammer lightning electricity magic

Erijn Thundersworn is a noblewoman who wields twin warhammers and lightning magic, and is the heir to a royal family ostensibly descended from a pair of gods.

Commission - The Fancy Lion

toasterpip commission design logo lion skull top hat skull_and_crossbones axe femur

toasterpip commission design logo lion skull top hat skull_and_crossbones axe femur business_card

A rebranding project for Farren Dustfur, now AKA The Fancy Lion.

Commission: RinTinTin Tuckmatoot

toasterpip commission fantasy kobold RPG Pathfinder swashbuckler

RinTinTin Tuckmatoot is a little kobold swashbuckler who is basically playing at superheroes, wearing clothes that don't fit him well. He might grow into them?

Commission: Ramiel Brisbane (Legionnaire)

toasterpip commission furry anthro hare rabbit legionnaire roman centurion

Another commission of my buddy's character Ramiel, this time in a  Roman Legionnaire/ Centurion outfit. The background is one of my first forays into actual digital painting.

Commission: Tolen NPCs

toasterpip commission star_trek alien NPC TTRPG RPG tolen characters

A group of sketch commissions for my repeat climate Roman. This time it's for a Star Trek style RPG, and these are a selection of the NPCs the players will encounter, along with a generic NPC for use on maps (at the bottom).

Commission: Pandamonium Bust Sketch

toasterpip commission sketch anthro panda tired grumpy

A commission for my brother, just a quick sketch of his panda character, Pandamonium. He's a grumpus with entropy powers.

D&D 5E: Doreen Taylor

toasterpip dnd d&d minotaur barbarian bison curvy dress curly_hair pike javelin

One of my D&D characters, Doreen Taylor. She's a seamstress who took up adventuring for coin and excitement. The setting she's in has gods walking amongst mortals, so she has joined the House of Ullr and fights in his name.


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