Commission - Errma Grandina

toasterpip commission dnd dungeons and dragons 5E tiefling warlock

A commission done for a local friend of his D&D 5E character, Errma Grandina. She's made a pact with a Fae whose schtick is passion.

Commission: Farren Dustfur

toasterpip commission farren_dustfur furcadia necromancer cat lion furry


A flat-colour commission for my US buddy Farren. Casual necromancy!

Character Portrait: Casey Murdoc

Another commission for my friend, of one of their other characters, Casey Murdoc.

furcadia character_portrait casey murdoc commission

Character Portrait: Tristan Kolick

A character commission for one of my online friends. Their character Tristan Kolick.

furcadia character_portrait tristan kolick commission


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