The Eahen

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The Eahen were a humanoid species descended from a pseudo-reptilian ancestry. They possessed a contact telepathic ability they refer to as their Link. They were roughly equivalent to humans in most respects, though they had somewhat higher average intelligence and superior information processing and retention capabilities. Their skin was ivory white, and covered in fine micro-scales, giving them a slightly tougher hide.



The Eahen had a traditional caste system and were imperialistic, conquering territory throughout the known world. They were also known to be slavers, and some accounts of their downfall involve humans rising up against them and using their superior numbers to overwhelm the technologically superior but less populous Eahen.

Eahen had a long tradition of personal ornamentation, particularly tattooing. The typical Eahen had at least some amount of tattoo work done, usually in black iconography meant to symbolize the individual's place in society, their name, and notable accomplishments. They were also known to grow their hair out and tie it in a single braid, often ornamented with beads, trinkets, and other things to represent their caste and occupation.

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The Eahen were notorious for their use of technomagical machines, particularly the Sentinel, Enforcer, and Destroyer combat drones. While the Sentinel and Enforcer drones were roughly the size of an adult human, the Destroyer towered up to twelve feet and was used as a heavy shock trooper.

The Eahen also used their Tea'thall energy technology to create great airships such as the dreaded Conquering Barge, which held not only an army of ground drones, but smaller 'fighter' type airships. While Conquering Barges were rare, they were feared by all. Where one appeared, the enemies of the Eahen were about to be wiped out with unstoppable, merciless force.