TCS In-Universe Companies

Terran Confederation Companies Aero-Volant Thundershot Industries AMY Complex


Aero-Volant Engineering is a company specializing in civilian-sector transit manufacturing. Their specialty is the Aero-V Skycar lines, with a broad range of options from the sleek, one-seat Predator sports vehicle to their AV10 "Porter" cargo vans. Aero-Volant was originally founded before the Day of Fire, and re-founded on the Core Colony of New France in 3448. Notable for their pioneering work in anti-gravity technology and a household name thanks to their broad range of reliable products.

Thundershot Industries is the military counterpart to Aero-Volant Engineering. While Aero-V and Thundershot both cross between the private and military sectors, there is little overlap. Thundershot has developed a reputation for ruggedly engineered machines, with a focus on easy repair and high failure thresholds over straight reliability. This means Thundershot products are almost always chosen over competitors for military vehicles. Thundershot develops almost exclusively for in-atmosphere applications, meaning that they are generally never called upon for starship building.

The Amy Complex is not truly a manufacturer; it is actually just the corporate name for the business side of the "Amy" synthetic intelligence 'omnimens' that resides on Earth. The Complex is lauded for its massive strides in research related to manufacturing technologies and the bleeding-edge field of teleportation. Being a post-Singularity level intelligence, the Amy Complex is able to create and iterate much faster than organic-run companies. However, the costs involved in reproducing Amy-tech are prohibitively high in most cases, and technosentience laws make the ownership of its designs murky at best.

Other Companies of Note

Starshot Vineyards is a winery based on the Core World of Artemis and known throughout Terran space. They were among the first to establish a sustainable agricultural business on the wild garden world, and through careful research and testing, have become renowned for the quality of their products. Starshot has also played a large role in the establishment of a number of Outer Colonies, lending its research knowledge to terraforming efforts on so-called 'protogarden' worlds.

Core World Integrated Systems is a broad-ranging military manufacturer, though their primary lines of product are various classes of ground-based weaponry. Their sidearm lines including the Talon, Peacekeeper, and Integrator, are prized among Terran military officers. CWIS was also instrumental in reverse-engineering Anlepp ground weaponry, and hold the rights to the production of neural fragmentation (neurofrag) weaponry, a non-lethal suppression option seeing wide use by both military and civilian police in place of traditional weapons.

Athena Starframe is the primary shipbuilding contractor for the Terran Confederation Space Force. Their designs are generally blocky and often seen as unattractive, but their effectiveness as warships is undisputed. They maintain shipyards in five of the nine Core World systems, and are credited with developing the "Stardock" mobile shipyard, one of the largest structures built by humans. The Stardock is designed to keep pace just back of military front-lines, and employs some of the largest Openhearth FTL drives ever created to ensure it can move its vast bulk across interstellar distances.